Spring Break Olympic Peninsula Trip

Over break I headed out to the Olympic Peninsula with some friends to do some adventuring and hanging out a cabin in Sequim. We started out the first day with a short and mellow hike at Fallsview Canyon and hiked a 1.5 mile loop along the Big Quilcene River before venturing further North to do a longer and higher elevation hike.

Next we hiked up Mt. Zion which was much more tiring than the quick hike to start the day and covered a lot more elevation. Due to the elevation, we hiked through increasing amounts of snow at the summit and ended with a great lookout toward snowy mountains and tons of fast moving clouds, which made for a perfect opportunity to timelapse. 

After returning to the car earlier in the day than expected, it was time to head toward the cabin in Sequim to relax and eat food after hiking. With more light left in the day, we headed out toward the Dungeness Spit to catch sunset by the water.

Day two started relatively late for us, but it was great to try to get some more sleep to prepare for the day's hiking. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and getting together sandwiches, we headed toward out first hike of the day. I knew that it was not going to be like the easy hike the day before. We were starting with Pyramid Peak by Lake Crescent; a 7 mile and 2,400 feet of elevation hike to a lookout with views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Again, at high elevation just before the summit, we hit some snow. The view from the top wasn't great due to the weather but from what I could see, it would be worth going back on a clear day.

When we reached the car after descending from the peak, we headed out toward the coast to check out the beaches. The plan was to go out to Rialto beach but the road to the beach ended up being closed so instead of adding an extra 3 of 4 miles onto an already 4 mile round trip hike, we moved on and went to La Push to see both First and Third beaches. While at First, we encountered some waves crashing onto the beach and splashing into some logs and splashing a bit higher than expected. Then, onto Third beach it was great to walk on a nice sandy beach and hear the waves crash.

That ends my first real blog post about recent adventures. Check back soon for more photojournalistic and adventure work. I'll be trying to update the blog frequently with new work, now that the new school quarter has started.

J346 Audio Video project

For one of my journalism classes I had to create an audio video project and I did mine about the typeface Helvetica. It's a short history about the font, it's characteristics and what it's used for.